While living in San Francisco , I was employed as a lackey at  the (in)famous  Colossal film studios. It was located in a run down industrial neighborhood backing up to a channel of water by Pier 96. Thus, a plethora of rats inhabited the back walls and out of sight places within the establishment, regularly making appearances scampering about the studio during commercial film shoots, scaring the bejeezus out of the ad executives.Thus it became paramount that yours truly's primary task was to  stamp them out with extreme prejudice. During one of these shoots, the stage was painted in super ultimate blue, as was done for chroma keying in video. The vibrancy of the blue imprinted itself in my mind as I was setting traps, and I had the epiphany to juxtapose the vibrant cool color of the blue with the grime of the rodents as an artistic statement. This idea was what fueled my fortitude to press on with this shaky endeavor. After snaring each one I would place it in a large ziplock bag, then wrap it tightly in a brown paper bag, and put it in the studio’s kitchen freezer for later. Needless to say, there were a couple priceless occurrences with various staff forging around for lunch and uncovering our rodent darlings. After I had about a dozen or so, I had them freeze dried in their slumping positions.

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